Wood Work

Woodworking is a most satisfying pastime, so varied and multifaceted you will never complete the twin processes you have undertaken: acquiring tools and learning how to use them. You have begun a lifetime pursuit.

~Michael Dunbar

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Metal Work

“When the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.”

~Abraham Maslow

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Fashion Projects

“He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”

~St. Francis of Assissi

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Luke Christopher Abell

I have always been passionate about creating and building things. From a very young age, I was drawn to tools and all opportunities to create things with my hands. I think it all started with Lego. I would spend hours playing and creating. I would scour through mounds of bricks just to find that right piece for whatever my imagination was concocting at that particular moment. Big or small, simple or complex – building made me happy. I had amazing role models in my Parents and grandfather who are all craftspeople in their own right. My Parents were always pointing out opportunities where I could create something and always helping me to achieve the dreams I had created.   My grandfather was an entrepreneur and Painter who guided me toward an understanding and appreciation for Beauty in design and the world around us. Together they all fostered a love of building and creating and to always take pride in my creations and the journey of building.

I remember an early experience with woodworking at school when I was in Grade 7 I had the opportunity to build a canoe. I was mentored by an amazingly handy young man by the name of Mike Richardson who first showed me how to properly use a saw and a drill and especially how to be resourceful when you are building.

When I was thirteen years old, my parents decided that I would benefit from having a workshop of my own so they converted a space in our basement that was dedicated to me and my tools. I relished this private creative space where, not surprisingly, I spent hours upon hours imagining, creating, and building! Tucked away, I was able to create wonderful messes of sawdust and shavings. One of my first woodworking projects on my own was a longboard. I continued to work with wood and quickly became fascinated with all the different types of wood and how different it felt to work with each one of them. I went on to make cutting boards, tables, figurines, benches, etc.

I am now studying at NSCAD University in Halifax. I have begun to focus more on jewelry and fashion projects. I really enjoy being able to explore different Mediums and techniques for creating all sorts of things. I am very grateful to be attending a university that allows me to be able to foster my creative tendencies.


‘Lumpy’ Is a nickname I was given by my father when I was very young. It came from my consistent ability to bang my head into different things when I was growing up because I have a large head. My dad would run his hand through my hair and notice all the bumps and lumps that would form from me bumping my head (not permanent). And so was born the Nickname Lumpy. I heard this nickname constantly growing up and never took it with the negative or weird connotation that the word regularly gives off. Instead took it as a form of identity or badge of honor and still do. That’s why I decided to take my nickname and use it as a brand for selling my creations. I think it’s important to embrace your interesting quirks because that’s what makes you, you. So enjoy my store and my work, as a branch of my self-expression. A little glimpse into my Lumpy World.